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ajmagard 2013-04-05 11:24

Reason live wav performance
Summer is coming, and with that all the forest parties :)
Since Reason is my main daw for production, I am planning to give it a go as the center of my live setup too - I used to use Cubase for that part.

I will be using some large wav files (full tracks/loops of 100-200MB a piecs x 30-ish) for backing tracks and I am wondering if anyone has any experience on which of the following approaches are best - computer performance wise (disk reads, memory caching and such):

1) Just layer your stuff like crazy, Reason will handle it.
2) Layer your stuff like crazy and bounce it, one big file is better than X smaller files for Reason.

I am not that worried about performance in general as my laptop is an i7 with 8GB ram - but reading wavs on the fly may stress the disks, which are non-ssd for the time being. So I am looking to optimize on that front so that my live instruments (PredatorRE, OctoRex, Subtractor, Buffre, Alligator and Echo ) does not overload anything and clutter the sound...

I keep my sample buffer fairly small (around 512) since I will be using midi input (and possibly also some external gear).

So any experience in this is very welcome as I would like to minimize my problems to whether or not my ignition key actually works with all my RE's :-)

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