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VANGASSEN 2013-04-05 12:44

Any Lyrics Writers out there?
Hi Peeps,

Regardless to being not singing person I decided to get a mic and use this awesome instrument human voice is.(maybe not mine but IS in general :) ) I'm not much of a lyrics writer so far put few lines of chorus together. Need help with verses that would be sang/rapped/shouted like this: (this is just 2 min : intro , verse, chorus)

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Should anyone be interested in helping with some depressing lyrics that could stand against cheesy love-song like chorus do not hesitate to contact me.

P.S. Text used in verse is from MJ Black & White rapped bridge section, I just couldn't come up with anything else for illustrating it.


VANGASSEN 2013-04-05 23:43

c'mon no one?

normen 2013-04-05 23:51

Can't say anything about the lyrics but I like the mix a lot. :) I hear that you don't like your voice from the mix but if you put a bit more work into compressing and leveling the vox and presenting it more in the right moments then the song is pretty perfect as is imo. The mix nicely led me though the song and the single instruments all sound really tasty. Personally I don't mind your voice at all, obviously you don't replace my favorite singers either but thats a matter of taste, theres nothing "appalling" to me. Good work :)

tincture 2013-04-06 16:56

Sounds good to me. A really good song once it gets going. Agree with Normen about the vocals - a bit more processing maybe but they sounded fine. Nice drum work and sounds too.

VANGASSEN 2013-04-06 20:24

Well, after substantial amount of alc units pen and paper I woke up today with empty piece of paper and hangover.
Normen, thanks for comment and advise, next step I guess will be "Compressing Vocals" ;)
Tincture, cheers for boosting my morale as well ha ha.

Listener 2013-04-08 17:26

I will not help with lyrics, but good song tho.

VANGASSEN 2013-04-09 22:55

I'd appreciate lyrics more than opinion haha but thanks ;)

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