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dildy 2013-04-09 18:22

New user need help with demo!!
Hello, I am new to Reason and want to start learning how to produce so I downloaded the demo until I get the hang of it, and then plan on buying Reason 7. I am having a problem on the demo, when I click browse on the Sub Tractor and pick a sample, it isn't loading to the sequencer. Here is exactly what I do when I start the demo: File > New > F8 > NNXT Advanced Sampler > Sub Tractor Synth > Browse > (pick a sample from Bass section of Reason Factory Sound Bank), and when I click 'OK' nothing gets loaded to the sequencer screen. I am just trying to play around with sounds until I get a feel for the Pencil/Selection tool then plan on moving on to the next step. Anything I need to be doing that I am not? Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

hollownation 2013-04-10 02:18

ok for starters your realistically on the wrong forum which is probably why no one has answered you yet and I'm finding your post a little confused but I'll try to help I think first though I need to gauge your current knowledge with a few questions have you used any other daws before and do you have a sound card and a midi controller and are you on a pc or mac and if pc are you set up with sound drivers like asio4all? feel free to pm me so we dont have to keep coming back to this thread also you might find this video useful

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