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DynamicDontPanic 2013-04-21 01:46

Sampe Editor on Reason?
Hi, someone on this forum was asking about replicating a piano sound from a song he heard, and my response was to stack the same note of different octaves of the same piano sample or stack the same note of different octaves of 2 slightly different piano samples. Whatever the method, the end result needs to be sculpted with a sharp fade out, to make it look like an instrument in its own right.

So that makes me wonder: Is there a way to do this on Reason itself?

What l would need to do is:

1) Load a sample
2) Transpose the sample
3) Mix it with / bounce it to another sample
4) Take the result of the mixed waveforms of the two samples merged into one sample, and modify the amplitude waveform with straight graph lines (click ---> drag line --> click ---> drop line ---> click --> continue the line, this time at a different angle -->click ---> drop line etc. etc.)

I remember seeing a wave editor somewhere on Redrum ... or something like that.

Benedict 2013-04-21 03:36

Have you considered reading the manuals?

And again you are trying to force the wrong thinking onto Reason. You said Trackers in the other thread. Reason is so much more capable so stop limiting your thinking and methods to things that didn't work well back in 1992.

In trackers you had no real instruments so you had to sculpt every sample, which was absurd, but here in Reason you can do basically everything you are asking on-the-fly using either NN-samplers or Audio tracks (and maybe some bouncing or sampling).

That piano was a thin sample (like a Korg M1 dance piano kind of thing) with maybe some other synths around it. Layering octaves as you say may create a result you have use for but this is not the way to achieve anything useful for that situation.

I do mean well but your lists of how things should be are not doing you any favors.


DynamicDontPanic 2013-04-21 03:47

Haha, yeah l have read the manual. But it doesn't seem to do what l want.

I don't think any device on Reason will do this. So l guess this would be more of a feature request than anything else.

You say Reason will do what l'm asking, so how is it done? How do you mix two samples together, then apply an ADSR envelope? And yes, a sample editor is a different ballgame, but something basic wouldn't go amiss, basic as in what l'm asking for. After all, the old Amiga trackers let me mix samples together and then select any portion and apply "delta filter" or "fade in" or "fade" out.

You proposed a route to that piano sample. It was vague. I am quite certain the path to that sample was what l mentioned. And l'd like to test it out and as an asides, l'm wondering if l can do it on Reason right now. Because l'm not even sure what software in my collection will simply mix two waves together. I don't have any standalone wave editor programs. But your solution - "it's a preset" "it's a preset maybe with other stuff added to it" doesn't solve the problem of the total synthesis of the sound the guy was asking about. And yeah, l'm sure it's about layering octaves. I would prove it if l could find a simple way of mixing two sound waves together righ tnow.

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