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Hessel123 2013-04-21 16:08

Balance 2.0 featuring midi ports
since Reason 7 will finally be supporting midi out, will there be a new Balance interface? featuring midi in and midi out ports?

Mate 2013-04-21 16:16

Would you considered midi hub:

bluemusic 2013-04-22 19:56

It seems there's some kind of clearance going on with the current Balance (at €240 where I live) and others have similar reports if you look around the forum. Either the Props are exiting the hardware business or there's a new Balance around the corner. I'm guessing/hoping it's the latter.

You also get a free Reason 7 upgrade if you get Balance right now ( I'm going back and forth on whether to just get it now, enjoy the low price and the included R7 upgrade, or wait for a possible Balance 2 with midi i/o (fed up with "another USB thing to add" and want an all-in-one solution). Ideally, I'd like 4 audio inputs as well. The current price is hard to beat, though. I'm pondering getting Balance v1 + iConnectMIDI 2+ or 4+ (

something 2013-04-26 09:58

Most likely yes...
In my country most online shops does not sell the Balance anymore since about a month ago (not just "out of stock" but out of their complete collection, thus they simply do not sell it anymore even if you ask for it).
So yes, i'm 99,9999% sure Balance 2 (or whatever they will call it) is very very soon to come.
Probably with MIDI in/out/trough to be compatible with Reason 7.

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