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gregsiokos 2013-04-21 17:05

Any suggestions for good sounds-Thank you
Hi to everyone i produce with reason about 2 years,i have 6,5 now and start from 4. i produce electronic music.

I prefer to work on reason device and make sounds but i think that may do something not properly and i dont have so clear and heavy sounds so i want to ask if everything fixed with EQ or must always connect 2 devices with L wires to a mix with a delay in 12ms and EQ etc and all the other like tutorials to warm up my sounds and be professionl ?

i apreciate your help

i think that my track sounds xmmm....sounds little mundy

here you are

Benedict 2013-04-21 22:03


I think that this is a nicely made and mixed track with a really warm and organic character.

Technically compared to some other tracks yours may be a tiny bit less well defined but often that super-glossy definition is frustrating as music doesn't really sound like that.

I'm guessing (seeing I haven't tried it myself) that maybe a Parallel Process of either each instrument or the whole track to add boost in the 2-8kHz range and mix it back in. Just be sure not to lose the overall sense of a warm tone or the track will go cold.


xbitz 2013-04-21 23:18

hi, in generally u could try to use quality sound sources, and good mastering chains, check the samples here ( personally I like them very) :

ReQuencer V2

Digital Art Trance Station contains suberb pre-made templates (and as I see the key is the good masteing combinator in them )

and instead of mclass maximizer use the Ozone one

Cheers !

gregsiokos 2013-04-23 23:46

Hey Bened!!
indeed my friend i think that the key is the good frequency and where are they sitting so
2-8kHz range help or parallel process i ll try and see what we have...we all learning from you tube or others who knows reason more than me

thank you mate

gregsiokos 2013-04-23 23:54

Hey xbitz
yea using quality sound sources solve the problem because they are sitting just right without whole mix.i waiting for 7 lets see if the graphic eq on each channel helps.also parallel channels with bus.
Everything starts from good sound and second what you create :))))))))))

thank you for the links

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