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jwergin 2013-04-23 15:38

Ability to Collapse Bussed SSL Channels
I'm not sure if this will be in Reason 7, but it would be nice to "Collapse" the SSL channels that were sent to a new Bus. For instance, Kick, Snare, Hi-hat on Channel 1, 2, 3 of the SSL. I get each one sounding nice, highlight channel 1. 2, 3 and send to new bus, so they are all together. Now it would be nice to 'Shrink" or "collapse" the original channels 1, 2, 3, so as to make more room, and less clutter. If any other individual adjustments are needed, we can just open those 3 channels again if needed.

Will this be in the new version?


cpetersus 2013-04-23 21:10

I would call it grouping and collapsing the group...and I agree completely. It's one of the features I use the most in Studio One.

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