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Geolm 2013-04-26 14:28

house + acoustic guitar, do you like that?
Hi guys,

I tried something different this time, it's firmly based on a (deep) house beat but I added a record of my acoustic guitar over it. I always fear this kind of mix of genre but I'd like to know if you like it or not? This is still in progress and it's by no mean mastered. Everything was done in vanilla Reason 6.5, first time I recorded some audio with it (I usually used an external tool). Any comment is welcome.

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creativemind75 2013-04-26 16:49

Sounds nice mate. Sounds a bit like Edward Maya, Stereo Love sprang to mind, but with acoustic guitar instead of harmonica or was it an accordian, think the latter actually. At the beginning of the track, how did you get that nice synth effect. What instrument and/or devices/effects? I've been using Reason and knew nothing before 7months ago. Need to know how make my songs sound great, they sound good and I have a good ear and sense of melody but my songs don't have that professional sounding quality.

Geolm 2013-04-27 17:18

thank you,

there's nothing very fancy that I do with synthesizer on this track, I use only thor instruments with some automated parameters. Usually I change the filter parameter overt the time, also the envelope and all the the rest is done by the matrix, AM modulation through osc1, FM modulation in the filter 1, stuff like that. If you are beginning with reason, consider focusing on the subtractor synthesizer, it's a good way to learn. About professional sound quality, it's more about mixing (eq, compression, and so on) and I'm not the right guy to help you since I still have to learn a lot to sound pro. Anyway thank you for listening.


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