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anni2 2013-04-26 15:10

Musical emotion - help a PhD project
I've created an online psychological test, where you can listen to some nice music in an internet radio fashion and report what you were feeling. The good news is that you will get feedback! You'll get to know what kind of music (in sense of emotional content) was to your liking and which was not, you can also see what other folks were thinking about those pieces.
It's here:

And the other great part of it is that listening to music for 10 minutes not only lifts your mood but also helps my ph.d. research a lot!

Many thanks

Kovkov 2013-04-26 16:34

Intresting thing but i had to quit it. If i decide that i don't like the song after 5 sec allready (and if it's obvious that nothing will change in the next 55) i simply don't want to listen to it any more. If i hit skip on every that song i'll end up only with songs i like and that would be a false result.

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