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Fredl 2013-04-28 12:20

Hey Guys,
I want to buy a microphone, but not for vocal recording. I want to use it to create some FX-samples, maybe record some spoken phrases or do vocoder stuff. My interface is an M-Audio Fast Track Pro with 48V Phantom Power. As I'm allways short budget and the mic wouldn't be that essential, I don't really want to spend several hundret euro! ;)

So, do you have any mic-recommendations those purposes?
Thanks Fredl

ETalk 2013-04-28 15:48

Hi Fred,

If you're on a budget then the Shure PG range might be what you're looking for:

Anyway, the PG range are the affordable versions of the famous SM57 and SM58. So you can get both the PG57 and PG58 for just over £100 all in. I use the PG57 for some jobs and it's always worked great, I also know people who use the PG58 and they've never complained to me about them!

Hope this helps,


ETalk 2013-04-29 10:31

Also if it's a Condenser mic you're looking for then this is a great entry level package:

Rode make really good quality mics and this is a great deal. I use a Rode NT2000 and I'm completely in love with it's sound, I've used mics that cost a heck of a lot more (Neumann/AKG) and I'm totally happy with the Rode so far.

From what you posted though, I think that you probably want a dynamic mic.

Fredl 2013-05-04 00:49

Thanks for recommendations, I bought the PG57 and it's pretty awesome! :)

But my reference is a built-in laptop-mic so what do I know? :D I'm just happy being happy!

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