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Ambientdave 2013-04-29 08:47

Drum question
Hi there

Just an add on from Pushedbutton,in the Users forums, posting about drums sucking,ha,ha
I been experimenting and figuring out why my drum sounds pretty rubbish too.

Made a lot of progress,lol. But as mentioned, selecting the right drum sound is vital, to compliment each other

I discovered my collection of drum refills,contain fills.And these,seem to work much better with a grid resolution of say 1/4,or lower, to make them sing out ( I'm using the snap function btw)

By altering the grid resolution,I can create fills etc of my own,altering the velocity is handy too for expression,lol

.But I was wondering, (as most people draw notes in the sequencer),if I could ask you guys n gals ,a few questions,in this general froum
Hoping that this will help me, and others, discover and share our techniques and ideas

  1. Do you alter the resolution ,to create fills etc,etc? Kind of mix and match?
  2. Do you use the re groove mixer?
  3. And finally do you use the note editing tools,in the tool window,esp the explode note function
    (this handy feature,as I found ,is great for adding re groove or personality to individual note lanes)

As we all agree there is so much choice,so many possibilities.Which is great as it makes for an interesting range of music styles

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