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MHall85 2013-05-02 03:32

Issue with Apogee Duet for Mac/iOS
I'm currently running Reason 6.5.3, and I'm having an issue with my new audio interface (the new Apogee Duet for Mac and iOS). I've been talking with Apogee for about a week, and we're coming close to determining that it may be a Reason bug, and not a problem with the Apogee drivers or firmware.

In short, whenever I try and launch a Rack Extension... or even if I have a RE trial period going, and I skip the online login verification... the interface crashes. Only in Reason. For whatever reason, the program will just not recognize the interface... while my Mac, generally, will recognize it with no problem.

Anyone had this issue? Do I need to contact Propellerhead support?

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