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willemzwart 2013-05-03 14:44

Looking for RE beta testers

I am developing a new gate like RE for which I want some serious beta testers. The RE allows you to:

1. Build an audio router or CV router, which can be played from a keyboard.
2. Crossfade between sounds. For instance, you can build a combinator patch with different sounds and the RE allows you to crossfade to a particular sound or turn on or off the sound (I have build a patch with 6x Thor and 6x my RE).
3. Turn on or off effects, so you get to "play" the effects.
4. Get creative and discover new possibilities!

Drop me an email or private message and I will add you as a beta tester.


willemzwart 2013-05-03 17:04

A new beta is available. A fix for the panning issue isn't resolved in this version yet. I have included a combinator patch, which allows to crossfade between 6 Thor's. It is just for illustrating the possibilities. More to follow...

Fixes / changes in 1.0.1b2

- Changed note and octave display color for better visibility
- Fixed the lag when turning the Output Level knob rapidly
- Fixed popup text on the 'CV Gate In'
- Fixed display text on the octave knob, causing the octave to display

willemzwart 2013-05-12 14:11

A new beta is available

Fixes / changes in 1.0.1b3

- Fixed glitches when turning pan knob
- Added 3 combinator patches

willemzwart 2013-05-16 21:13

Version 1.0.1b5 is released:

- Fixed the patches

vanKloot 2013-05-17 01:34

Missed this on your first request for testers... just sent you an email.

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