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richymoore 2013-05-03 17:26

F a o propellerhead !
I have been a Reason user since Reason 1. I've upgraded on the release date of every single version and have recently just upgraded to version 7.

Now that Reason can more or less do it all I want to start a youtube channel which covers tutorials for every single device in my rack as well as the functionality of the Reason interface, as well as tips and tricks, sound design examples etc. The videos will all be high quality sound both for music and narrative, ( one of my pet hates is sound production tutorials with terrible sound )

The channel will offer beginner to advanced lessons and will be categorized thusly. Everything from drum programming to sound design on synths and samplers, right through to advanced cv routing and audio recording. You know the drill. I'll be pushing the program to its limits in some cases.

My question for Propellerhead is . . . . . For lack of a better phrasing, How " official " can I make my channel regarding showcasing and plugging propellerheads and third party rack extension developers software, as well as certain refills ? Say for example if I was to name my youtube channel something like "Learn music production with Propellerhead's Reason" Would this be legal ? Am I allowed to use the company names and logos on third party tutorial videos ? Am I allowed to link the developers or the software and refills I am using in my videos and descriptions ?

Any feedback on this matter would be greatly appreciated as I am keen to get a top quality Reason 7 channel up and running and at this particular moment I am mulling over names that will attract maximum attention towards a channel dedicated to Reason users.


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