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ThaRealest 2013-05-05 02:59

Subtractor help(waveform retrig)
so im trying to do a wobble bass with subtractor and noticed that when i re-press the key it doesn't start at the beginning of the waveform. been using reason for so long never really dabbled in sound design in a way lol. been messing around and cant seem to find a way. thanks

EDIT : i have Massive and i notice it has a restart button in the LFO section.

Benedict 2013-05-05 03:49


Subtractor (like most analog synths) doesn't restart the wave on keypress. Workarounds:

1. use Thor PD, FM or Wavetable OSC
2. use Pulsar LFO 1 as an OSC and set Wave to restart on ENV (this is one beefy OSC)
3. sample the sound as samplers will always start at the beginning of the recording (unless you ask em otherwise). Be sure to edit the sample appropriately. NN-19 is probably the better player in this instance as NN-XT limits modulation

I hope this helps


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