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davetheone 2013-05-07 02:41

Lost inspiration
I haven't really used reason since version 2.5.
I've kept up with the upgrades but have lost the inspiration to create music or remixes.

Dr octorex isn't quite my cup of tea. I miss the original dr Rex.

The new mixer kind of leaves me scratching my head.

I sat down the other day after downloading the upgrade and completely felt lost.

This was my last production/remix with reason I think it was 2004.

Used Sound Forge, Recycle and Reason Nnxt and de Rex.
used recycle to slice stretch and create regions for vocals and replayed them on nnxt.

Also did this mash up electro medley in 2005.

Have not been inspired since them to sit down and create.

Where do you guys draw inspiration from?

alternating.bit 2013-05-07 03:49

As with many other musician's much inspiration comes from others and seeing what's "out there." I don't know how often you're trying to crank stuff out, but breaks are very important. Go to shows, buy/download music.

When I'm working on stuff and it starts to go bland or I can't seem to finish a song proper, I'll just stop for a month or two... sometimes even more. Come back fresh and it's like BAM.

If you don't share this maybe you should focus on another hobby until you really WANT to come back to music writing? Do you feel like you SHOULD be putting out material versus having the great desire to create?

On a more practical side, sometimes it can be inspiring to work with someone on a project collaboratively. Or download an existing Reason song and start messing with it.

Not sure if any of this helps, but we've all been there. It should be fun & inspiring, so by all means, go back to your old setup if the new turns you off!

Wensell 2013-05-07 09:56

Whenever I'm in a rut (which happens often), I find a song I like and try to recreate it.

This is good for several reason:
It keeps challenging my mixingskills
It keeps me focused.

When your close to done, change the tempo, cut and paste, changing the chord arrangement. BAM, you got a new song! Give it a try.

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