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billymcbride 2013-05-08 03:22

Giant woods
If you like a jazzy rock done with the synthesizer, you may like my "Giant woods."


rVOLT 2013-05-08 08:12

You're one gnarly character McBride. I don't know how you decide to sit down and write a 35 minute keyboard free style. Sometimes I can't get past 1 minute of a song when I produce. lol

billymcbride 2013-05-09 02:00

I play standing up!

whoopdee 2013-05-09 02:30


Originally Posted by billymcbride (Post 1311118)
I play standing up!

Put those knees in those keys

The jam is too long for me but it reminds me of Buckethead so that's good.

billymcbride 2013-05-10 09:36

Thanks whoopdee for listening and your comment.

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