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Wini242 2013-05-11 19:11

MIDI recording of controller data which doesn't change

after been working with the new MIDI I/O features of Reason 7 I'm strongly missing the point that I cannot record MIDI controller data which doesn't(!) change.
This is really important because my synth which I'm currently using has not the ability to store any presets but it has the ability to dump all the controller data via MIDI. When I'm recording a MIDI track in Reason and dump the data it doesn't get recorded because there is no change in the CC data.

Currently I'm using a work-around: I'm setting Reason to record a track and then turn each knob on my synth - so it sends changing controller data which Reason is able to record. But this isn't the usability which I'm used to get by using Propellerhead software.... ;)

So a simple button on the EMI device would be nice to turn on the recording of static controller data.


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