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chugbry 2013-05-12 03:49

Installers Please
Hey Propellerheads,
Why do we have to download the installer for Reason7 ???

Surely you can add a 2nd DVD into the boxed version for us, it will save some
downloading pain for others like me who can't get any decent internet connection
and at nearly 1Gb that is too much info really.

I would have thought with the price of Reason and the size of the packaging box
it came in there would be the possibility for an extra installer DVD?

The box is like full of air with only one thin wallet for just one DVD....
I could put like 12 DVD's in there



Arsenic 2013-05-12 10:44

This may have been due to Beta testing going on almost right up to the release date.

The DVD would have needed to be prepared in advance so that it would be available to purchase from retailers on release day, so Props would have had to send something to be included on the DVD. I suspect that they decided to include the FSB and OSB on the disc to reduce the amount that would need to be downloaded, but as the program proper was still being finalised, they just used a download installer.

This would allow for the latest build to be available on day one.

I'm sure I read a thread here on the forum, where someone had asked Props if there was going to be a boxed copy that included the full program, and the answer was.....

Post #44 of this thread:

BTW, as someone in that thread mentions - If you get a point release (7.01) for a bug fix or something - then the version on the DVD becomes redundant anyway.

chugbry 2013-05-15 22:41

Yeah, well I understand it if they are running behind schedule and I thought about it being redundant if they do another minor release but those usually aren't anywhere the size of the original installer. It's just hard on my connection as I'm way out in the country and it's not a very good service with little thought from the utility to upgrade any time soon!

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