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littlejam 2013-05-15 09:20

Advice on networking 2 computers
hello, i have an hp dv4 laptop with 2 sata drives, a express card port, usb 2.0 ports, and a 10/100 network card.

i am taking an a/v approach to organizing my sample library and spreading types of samples over 4 different hdd

i was using the express card slot to run a siig esata with 4 external hdd + 2 inside the laptop (1 for os, 1 for project files/exports)

i was using asio4all, however, now i have installed maudio profire610 firewire interface which uses the express card i lost my 4 external sata2 hdd...

i started yahooing all sorts of esata to firewire things (found a few)

then i thought of nas storage to use the 10/100 lan port on the laptop but those nas units are pretty expensive and actually have processors in them which gave me another idea: network an older desktop with a 2.3 dualcore processor that has 4 sata2 disks already in it

as an 'ad hoc' network...and this is what i would like advice about...
i need access to the hdd on the desktop computer

i believe i have a gigabit switch and a router with gigabit ports
i'm not sure of if the desktop has 10/100 or gigabit networking
but the dv4 laptop only has 10/100 networking

will 10/100 networking i/o create a bottleneck in terms of accessing samples from the 4 sata2 hdds inside the desktop

hdd1 refills a
hdd2 refills b
hdd3 rex files
hdd4 wave samples, soundfonts, acapellas

laptop hdd1 os
laptop hdd2 projects, exports

i wish f/x teleport was 64 bit that would be supercool

but i think everything will be okay if i can get access to the 4 hdds
and won't need to use the desktop's processing power just its storage...

have a good day, thanks, j

vivadangermouse 2013-05-15 10:29

10/100 is noticeably slow for multimedia file transfers. You could use it for archival storage, but I personally wouldn't rely on a NAS for working on large media files - even a gigabit interface will run noticeably slow.

Why not evaluate exactly how much data you have, then pop it all onto an appropriately sized USB/eSATA HDD, or better still a RAID cluster? And then a regular backup plonked onto your old laptop-turned-NAS?

You'll save yourself a headache trying to juggle multiple HDDs.

littlejam 2013-05-15 17:14


to clarify: i want to use an ad hoc network between a laptop with a 10/100 network card and a desktop with a 10/100 network card so i can access 4 sata2 hdds on the desktop computer where i have organized my sound library

the ad hoc network will be my solution to access samples, rex files IF i can get access to the 4hdds and the data rate is satisfactory

i am not transferring files between anything

thanks, j

glassguitar 2013-05-15 21:35

For a windows environment here is a reasonable guide:
At work I am an IT specialist and have a more direct approach to networking that might be too much to go into here.
PM me if you need more help.........

littlejam 2013-05-15 23:52

hello, @ glassguitar:

thanks a lot for the article
i'm reading it now and will get back to you

cheers, j

glassguitar 2013-05-16 02:33

Hopefully this gets you started (granted you have all computers getting connectivity through your router
Then,once the communication between computers is established, we can map or share out whole drives or just individual folders.
I have a teamspeak account for direct live conversation if it is needed......(yeah I play BF3)

littlejam 2013-05-16 04:07

hello glassguitar:

i was planning on doing a wired connection with crossover cables into a gigabit switch between the 2 computers both running windows 7

if sharing entire drives is possible i would like to share 4 sata2 drives

i am not getting the 2nd computer and switch until this weekend

but it will be cool to continue planning with you

cheers, j

glassguitar 2013-05-16 04:53

Do you have a router?

littlejam 2013-05-16 06:20

hello glassguitar:

the laptop connects to the internet via wireless

i have the netgear switch i posted above

i also have a router that has wired ports in the back (i can't get it til this weekend)

you seem to be taking me down a pathway towards wirelessly connecting the 2 computers...

is there advantages to doing this wirelessly as opposed to doing it with wired connections
(i really don't want to deal with any dropouts, and i don't want to tap into the network that i use for the internet...)


can you also comment on my idea of using that switch i posted above and the crossover cables please

cheers, j

glassguitar 2013-05-16 15:32

No definitely not wireless!
Its less secure and transfer rates are less than a wired connection.

If the router has enough ports you probably don't need a switch.
A decent switch will do the job of a crossover cable, letting you use regular RJ45 patch cables but will not do the job of a router.

Properly configured, a router will give a unique and private IP address to each computer, access from computer to computer on your network, and manage access to the internet for each computer.

The router gets all the detail for the internet, the public side and manages a private enviroment on your side, giving connectivity to and from all your computers as well as internet access to all.

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