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laolzen 2013-05-15 22:51

Japanese Toy JazzFunk (Virtua B-Side):
I am definitely liking ART:
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Drums: D Bonus Kit Tube.comb (From the Soul School Refill)

Bass: Acustic Bass Rig.comb (from the FSB)

Horn Ensemble: All Horns.comb (From the Vintage Horns Refill)

Flute: Alto Flute Long & Short.cmb (From the Vintage Horns Refill)

Trumpet: Trumpet Mute Long & Short.cmb (From the Vintage Horns Refill)

Keys: Fender Starmaster Organ Super Cheese.cmb (From the Vintage Vibes Refill)

elguapodelmar 2013-05-16 23:35

Nice drum rolls and build up

laolzen 2013-05-17 01:04

Thanks for listening.

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