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treezah 2013-05-20 09:20

Add file/preset browser to tool window
PLEASE add a full file browser to tool window under the wave form icon. It would be amazing and make work flow SO MUCH FASTER. If this browser can have drag and drop capability the same way all the instruments and FX do that would be ideal. Example-

Browser would allow me to browse reason factory sound bank AND any other file from any of my available hard drives. I would be able to audition any sound straight from the tool window just like I can with self-contained or unassigned samples. Same format, just the ability to access my files or any other compatible file from this window.

This would work wonders for building drum kits.


Drag Kong over to my rack, open up tool window, browse/audition my WAV sounds from my personal files, edit them (the same way when you create a new sample), then drag the newly edited sound over to any pad on Kong. Also If I could drag multiple sounds at once on to a Kong which would automatically map them to each pad in order of selection that would be AMAZING!!!

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