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Auditory 2013-05-25 04:35

Audio Inputs Aren't being read, Out of the clear blue???
Reason was working fine but now my audio inputs aren't readying my soundcard. The outputs work but I can't record. I have tried 2 sound cards, delta 44 and m-audio fasttrack. Neither one is working. Also different is my buffer size can be jacked up all the way to over 8000. When the audio inputs were showing up buffer size wouldn't go any higher then 4,000. Any idea what the problem is? I had to cancel a recording session today (costing me money) and looking like I have to cancel tomorrow too if I can't get this fixed. It happened OUT OF NOWHERE. No idea what to do.

Wyggy 2013-05-25 10:39

Check for soundcard drivers: Main menu: edit > preferences > audio > Soundcard driver > drop list button.
Read off drivers. I have a driver for 'High definition headphones'. This driver does not appear in the list if the headphones are not plugged in. You must have an ASIO driver for input.

The problem may be with your computer rather than with Reason.

I use Windows 7, an internal sound card and Tascam US-200 external device.

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