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johanbackman 2013-05-26 10:16

Reason 7 problem with Ignition key driver / codemeter

I'm really stuck here... any tips would be very appreciated.

I did the upgrade from Reason 6.5 (which has been working fine all along) to Reason 7 a few days back. Day 1 everything worked perfectly. Day 2 the problems began, when starting Reason I got a message that Ignition Key Driver could not be started. I have uninstalled Reason a couple of times and the problem is still there. Sometimes Reason can be started, but after a couple of minutes it freezes for a minute and then switches over to DEMO mode... very annoying :-(

I think I have located the problem to the codemeter (from WIBU). In the codemeter control center the licenses disappears just before Reason goes over in DEMO mode. It says that codemeter is stopped and when I choose process => start code meter service it just stops again. I have uninstalled the codemeter that comes with Reason 7 (4.50.906....) and installed the latest one from WIBU (5.00.1067.500) but the problem remains... I tried different kinds of licences (computer and balance sound card) but it seems to make no difference.

I'm using a fairly new HP p6770sc with Win 7 SP1. 64bit, 8GB RAM, Intel I5-2300 2.8GHz.

Thanks for any comments,

ztiffemannen 2013-05-26 13:45

Hello Johan ! I have the exact same problem, a couple of weeks with problems and I`ve tried several solutions. Now I know how to make it work temporarily ! the problem is with F-Secure (Telia Antivirus. I have to turn off Telia antivirus, then reboot the computer and directly open Codemeter Control, stop the service and then turn it on again and it doesn´t go to demomode until I restart the virus program.
Propellerhead support is aware of the problem (I hope)

johanbackman 2013-05-26 15:42

Hi Stefan!
Thanks a LOT! :-) I do have F-secure and when disabling it like you said, it seems to be working. So some sort of Reason, codemeter and F-secure mismatch... I guess I then have to use the safest of firewalls... unplugged network cable. I will forward this to the support.

Thanks again!


tnatynki 2013-06-13 21:23

Disable DeepGuard
Hi Johan and Stefan!

I had the exact same problem as you. And thanks to you, it found out to be a problem with F-Secure.

Luckily, my cousin works at F-Secure and I showed this thread to him if he could find out a better workaround. He asked me to try disable DeepGuard from my F-Secure.
I rebooted my laptop after disabling DeepGuard and now it seems to work alright.

I've now only tried this once, so I'm not 100% sure if it works in the future, but I think you should give it a try, too.


phahero 2013-06-17 15:26

Hi all with this same problem...

I do have same. Disabling DeepGuard helps but.... I still would like to keep DeepGuard alive as well. If Teemu´s cousin works in F-Secure it would be nice channel to inform them to fix this permanently with correct way.

- Pasi

n0ahg 2013-06-18 03:37

I stopped using f-secure years ago due to false positives and I found it simpler to avoid 'suspect' sites ;-)

tnatynki 2013-06-18 11:54

Disable advanced process monitoring
Hi again folks!

It seems that you can leave DeepGuard on, but you have to uncheck "Use advanced process monitoring" from the DeepGuard settings.

My cousin has forwarded this problem inside F-Secure and hopefully Codemeter gets whitelisted as soon as possible.


ztiffemannen 2013-06-27 18:02

Hmmm.... It seems to work for me to !! :-) This is a revelation ! Funny how small matters as this can make you so happy. Teemu - Thanks a lot

OryBuff 2013-06-28 08:07

Thats why i stick v 5!!!!!!

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