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joeyluck 2013-05-28 02:01

OT: Shure Beta 57A vs. 58A; switching grilles
The SM57 is probably my favorite microphone as an engineer and musician. It is great on instruments and vocals. It's like the "swiss army knife" of microphones.

Today, I purchased online a Beta 57A (taking advantage of the current mail-in rebate offer from Shure). I haven't had the opportunity to use the Beta 57A in the past (I have used the SM57 plenty and the Beta 58A)... I'm sure I'll really like it.

I noticed in the FAQ section on the Shure site that the main different between the two (57A and 58A) is the grille:

So then I'm wondering... Would it be possible to simply purchase a 58A grille and use it on the 57A for a 58A similar result? In most cases, I do prefer the sound of the 57 over the 58. But if I can simply switch out a grille if I come across a vocalist that sounds better on a 58; then that would save money from buying a whole other microphone.

Here you can see a slight difference in sensitivity (at 1kHz open circuit voltage):
Beta 58A: -51.5 dBV/Pa (2.7 mV)
Beta 57A: -51 dBV/Pa (2.8 mV)
Everything else is the same, except for the weight which may also be attributed to the difference in grilles.

Make sense what I'm asking? I've tried Google and youtube searches for replacing the grille and haven't had any results... Anybody have any experience with this?

Thanks =)

joeyluck 2013-05-28 07:12

Response from Shure
I wasn't expecting a response from Shure so quickly (or at this hour).

So, I had sent an email to Shure as well, but was under the impression I would get a response somewhat like, "We cannot comment or advise you to do so." However, I did not get that response.

In case anyone else was curious, the answer to my question is "Yes."

With the Beta 57A and 58A, the grilles are interchangeable and changing grilles achieves the result of the other. Good to know! =)

Looks like in the future I will just buy a handful of Beta 57A's and a couple 58A grilles for those just-in-case situations.

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