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Noplan 2013-05-29 00:51

Fantastic (Deep Minimal House)
My first "Deep" Minimal House track that i made with Reason 6.5

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I produced it poorly with one monitor speaker. Comments are appreciated, especially from stereo listeners. :D

rogerlevy 2013-05-29 02:19

Sounds pretty good in stereo here.

8piscean8 2013-05-29 07:29

Yeah, sounds pretty good in stereo. Not really my style of music to listen to so I can't really comment on song structure/genre specifics. Sounded great actually for being produced on one monitor!

Zed68 2013-05-29 08:33

Sounds very good in stereo !!!! :)

sentient.minority 2013-05-29 13:11

Nice, sounds fine through my headphones.

Noplan 2013-05-29 16:31

Good to know that i was not completely wrong with the sound. Thank you very much for your comments!

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