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Sterievo 2013-05-31 01:46

Non Exclusive Remote Overrides
It would be useful to be able to assign multiple parameters to a single midi message via remote overrides.

Exowildebeest 2013-05-31 01:51

Can't you?

That's weird. Would be the first thing that comes to mind that I'd use it for, like controlling 4 virtual buttons with 1 physical one. I've done that a lot in Ableton.

But I haven't used RO much at all so.. I'll leave it to someone who knows more.

Sterievo 2013-05-31 02:15

Something along the lines of Ableton's implementation would be great.

OMOMs 2013-05-31 11:26

great idea! I'd also enjoy that for the keyboard overrides

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