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Dogboy1973 2013-06-01 13:04

Art 2
I love this device but have said before that I'd happily loose the screen for more presets/scenes. But instead of that how about ART 2? Same design, different colour, and a new set of presets/scenes. That would be cool. I vote for a bright yellow device with more presets/scenes along the lines of 'Eerie'. I love that one ;) I can imagine a series of ART devices the basically do the same thing but that come in different colours and have different presets/scenes.

Dogboy1973 2013-08-04 12:14

BUMP! Been using ART a hell of a lot lately. Fantastic for instant .......... whatever flavour of scene you use ;) But more
would be nice. Particularly of the variety of the last two. I love those. Everyone needs more ART in their lifes ;)

nickmorgan19457 2013-08-05 01:11

What is ART?

dub08 2013-08-05 01:38


Originally Posted by nickmorgan19457 (Post 1367710)
What is ART?

Audiomatic Retro Tranformer! :)

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