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OryBuff 2013-06-02 06:32

selling my 7 license.
0Comes with looking to get something from..180 to 225 dollars for this. elsewhere the price youll get are in rhe 300$ unless if you upgrade from a previous reason.

calmbird 2013-06-02 17:04

May I ask why? :) You prefer DAWS with VSTi? :)

JakeusMaximus 2013-06-02 19:30

Sent you a PM!

OryBuff 2013-06-02 19:46

I love having money incase of a rainy day.

zeebot 2013-06-02 19:58


Originally Posted by OryBuff (Post 1329435)
I love having money incase of a rainy day.

I never got that saying..surely on a rainy day most people stay at home and therefore cant spend money?

OryBuff 2013-06-02 19:59

I built forts with my money and make paper airplanes.

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