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wearashirt 2013-06-02 14:11

Bounce to iPod (SUPER AWZM IF DONE)
Don't you ever with that...after a can render it and automatically let it go straight to your iPod via itunes? That would be AWZM. So when you're doing a quick mix before you head out, you can quickly bounce your latest version into your ipod then judge your mix. All this without the hassle importing to iTunes...syncing to ipod...

kylelee 2013-06-02 16:19

Im pretty sure only iTunes is supposed to sync to iPod so you are asking for a feature that Apple does not allow.

you could probably do a workaround instead.
on your computer use the free program Audacity to make a iPod friendly audio file like MP3 or ACC from you Reason export WAV. email it to yourself or upload your audio to some cloud service. open on iPod. done.

the logical thing to do is to import into iTunes and sync to iPod because it is probably the quickest way to do this.

djjams 2013-06-02 18:30

not needed
I think it would be useless. Especially as you can get this with done with dropbox or something like this. Or simply buy a sane music player and simply save your rendered track directly on it.

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