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emersound 2013-06-04 22:13

Gigabyte Sample library player
Why hasn't there been a massive sampler added to reason that can load huge libraries the way Kontakt player can?

Among other features Kontakt player supports this is the one that really stands out. Library makers have ways to script their instruments so that they play back in certain ways in response to certain MIDI messages.

Take a good look at Electri6ity for Kontakt player.
it can read the way you play and figure out how it should play samples inside it's set due to the way the library is scripted.

You can't argue that having the ability to load gigabytes worth of samples into your sampler, and to organize the way it plays back in such a way that represents the instruments at their best wouldn't be absolutely fantastic.

Also take a look at Symphobia for Kontakt player.

Image-Line has thier own giga sized sample library sampler, Direct Wave, so I think that Propellerheads should step up to the plate and compete! :D

You keep giving us great RE's and refills, but it's time now for reason to have a sampler that can really whip out the best of the best.

Things to consider.
Here's what I really love about NN-XT sampler, and should probably extend to the new sampler.

1. It has 16 outputs, and you can actually map any sample layer to each one. Perhaps the new one could have quite a few more.

2. You can set the sample play start position (sample offset), however it could be improved a bit, because on long samples you can't really target those really specific points.

Here are some things that I think that I think NN-XT needs to improve, that I'd like to see in another sampler.

Combinator does not have access to the velocity/modulation depth controls nor does it have access to the separate mod, and Filter envelope stems, or the amplitude envelope sustain stem. I'd even like them to be able to accessed directly, and automated.

Anyway, if you're going to take anything from this and you're not going to change NN-XT, definitely implement it in the new sampler that I have proposed.

Thanks for listening :)

emersound 2013-06-08 22:47

so nobody has anything to say about this?

geiger167 2013-06-08 23:05

Just use Kontakt now, problem solved.

DNGmaestro 2013-06-09 01:53


Originally Posted by emersound (Post 1333845)
so nobody has anything to say about this?

I've been saying in a lot of posts. It's what's missing most on Reason now.

emersound 2013-07-01 03:20


Originally Posted by DNGmaestro (Post 1334001)
I've been saying in a lot of posts. It's what's missing most on Reason now.

funny because I searched through the forums, and found almost nothing. maybe I'm not hitting the right keywords or something.

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