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lejalle 2013-06-07 11:58

More power for the user on Remote
I think Remote is a very good technology and helps to have another way of interaction with Reason's devices beside keyboard and mouse. Nonetheless, the customisation of maps is not easy so certainely of lot of users are relying on the manufacturers of midi controllers Remote support. The situation is worse now with RE. Except Nektar no other manufacturer I'm aware of is comited to support RE as they are released. And when yesterday, the deal was between Props and the controller manufacturer, now with RE, the deal is between whow ?

I don't know what a "good" solution would be but I think that Remote should be updated now that we have RE and at the same made easier for the end user to customise its mapping. What do you think ?

djjams 2013-06-07 15:25

Why don't we start a user (+company) driven remote map repository on github?

lejalle 2013-06-07 16:44

That would be only for power users.
I was thinking of being able to create customised remote maps without resorting to a text editor.
Sort of an extension of the remote overriding mechanism but with the posibility to create variations and make the resulting remote map application wide (and not linked to a song or template song)

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