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Notacet 2013-06-08 22:16

Small changes for context menus
Hey, there is a quick way to delete all unused recordings in Reason by selecting all clips, right-clicking, and selecting "delete all unused recordings". But if you have any automation/midi clips in the selection, the option won't show up. I now actually noticed that you still have the global option in edit-menu, but it should also be visible in context menu for consistency even when there's other stuff selected.

Other audio context options such as Reverse clips, Normalize clips and Disabled stretch should also be visible when there's both audio and midi selcted, even if normalizing and stretching wouldn't do anything to the clips, for quick select-everything workflow. Reversing automation and midi should also be made possible, it isn't currently.

There should also be a "trim and delete all unused recordings" option to quickly get rid of all trimmed audio. Now if you import a 2h recording, trim a 1 second sample from it, your file will contain gigabytes of audio data and the only way to get rid of it is to select all the audio clips, right click, bounce->bounce to new recordings, delete unused audio. This option could do that for you automatically.

In Tool Windows midi panel, it would be cool if you could insert negative tempo scaling, -100 for example, to reverse just a selection of midi.

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