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pegga 2013-06-17 18:16

M-audio Axiom Air series
Hello all,

Is there anyone with Axiom Air series devices? I'd like to know if you have managed to get them working as they're expected. And also a question to Propellerheads staff: do you know if there's any chance to get hypercontrol for reason 6.5/7, or are you going to make some profile for Air series?

Here's a couple of links to problems in hand &

Anyone out there with similar symptoms? :)

bshawjr 2013-06-26 02:49

Axiom Air 25
I have tried it both Win 7 64bit and Mac OS X. Keys and pads
only on PC... Keys, transport and pads on MAC when using the Axiom Pro profile in Reason 6.5.

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