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pedrocaetanos 2013-06-21 10:13

More organization in the RE store


Originally Posted by flightONE (Post 1341582)
We need better organization in the store... new category CV tools (that one can be really messy, i won't be seeing it too often :p )... maybe a tagging system and better rankings maybe with user reviews / comments!!


Originally Posted by martinbfrancis (Post 1342180)
As they get more REs it will become increasingly difficult to navigate.


Originally Posted by pedrocaetanos (Post 1342514)
Indeed! It would be nice for users to be able to hide REs, and just receive warnings if there were updates (cause a RE can go from a state of "don't like this think", to "wow, this got really better").

Props database already includes, per user, for each RE, at least tried/non-tried status and bough/not-bought status. I would be just adding a third flag, hidden/not-hidden.

I'm not sure if it should be overridden by updates, as that could be abused by pushy developers, unless Props are very strict on what they demand for an update. But as I see no other effective way, it is better to know if an update has changed the product.

A tagging system would be a dream, but being less bold in the request, this ability to hide REs would be very useful, and seems to me easy to implement.

Now, let me give a commercial argument of how this system is good for Props and Devs: There are several REs that I want, but haven't bought yet. As store is growing I'm starting to "loose" them in middle of more and more REs I don't care about. Soon the work will be too much to find them (alphabetic ordering isn't useful as I don't remember the names, only when I see them). Yes, I can create a list, and I've done so, but it's messy, and I have to keep track of where it is, and I'm guess users less obsessive than I could never be bothered to track things with a list...

So taking this last consideration in account, at the very least create a favorites system. Thinking well, I suppose this is what's really needed and would work the best. Besides SHOP HOME, and BROWSE, we would also get FAVORITES in the top. And each RE page needed a FAVORITE button (that can be reset). Simple.

Having the tags and ordering working on the favorites page would be useful too, specially in the long term.

In the shop home, HIGHEST RATED isn't really needed: what we need is a sort by rating option.

NEW RELEASES should track the time user last accessed, in order to show everything new since then.

User customizable tags would be the cherry on top of the cake :)
(I suppose that's the one that implies a lot more to implement).

charlycharlzz 2013-06-23 14:46

Plus one, + a bump ;)

Reason image is getting put dirt on with all those yuk looking and badly sounding RE's that cannot even pretend they original or make some usable sounds :) some dude think they find a something to do in life and just make the worst tools in every way possible !
I even been thinking I could do this but I aint thinking the users are dumb ass !

LastAlternative 2013-06-23 20:47

I totally agree. We need organization for REs, as well as genre specific subforums in the Music forum. Like Electronic, Rap, Christian, World, Rock, etc. That might be somewhat vague but at least it would be clear enough for peeps to know what they're about to listen to...

flightONE 2013-06-25 07:19

I support the improvements to the RE organization... it's getting too unusable! i also think PH should enforce minimum standards for quality in the RE shop... it's sort of sad that the rules are so lax for a company that has always been about taking its time to get a high quality stable product

Nymphomation 2013-06-26 06:45

+1 for that. Also for the refills section of the site - it's really poor, there's not even a search function!

pedrocaetanos 2013-06-26 08:40


Originally Posted by Nymphomation (Post 1346089)
+1 for that. Also for the refills section of the site - it's really poor, there's not even a search function!

True. But it's like that for so long, I can't really believe it will ever change... :)

evolve187 2013-06-26 20:19

Sort by price would be useful too for those on a budget. ;)

pedrocaetanos 2013-06-26 20:34


Originally Posted by evolve187 (Post 1346473)
Sort by price would be useful too for those on a budget. ;)

True, it's a good idea :)

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