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DaveLee 2013-06-30 05:08

Ignition Key Driver could not be started
I started getting this error tonight. I've recently installed V7.0.1. I did not have this problem with V7.0

I've seen another post that says to disable a certain anti-virus. I don't use that program.

I tried going through the process of authorizing my computer but got the same error.

This is extremely aggravating. Any idea why this is happening?

Running on Win7

DaveLee 2013-06-30 05:48

More data
I tried removing the key - Shouldn't I be allowed to validate over the internet? Nope, same error.

Also tried reinstalling the authorizer. At the end of the install I was told I needed to run the authorizer. I couldn't due to the same error.

I've used Reason since well before the ignition key and even when they added the ignition key never had a problem. Oh well. Eventually DRM bites you every time.

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