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GeDaGraph 2013-07-02 09:39

Very Important VIDEO display
I asked for a video display since reason 4 and nothing happens. So please rocking propellerhead team make a display RE yourself or please ask any of your RE developer to create a great video RE for displaying videos (25 % of Full HD resolution would be enough). So there will be the possibility to make sync sound for videos without any other DAW by rewire.

I want to make video soundtracks only with reason and in the past there was a tool "revision" for sync reason 2/3 with quicktime player. But for a long time the only way is rewire for a sync displayed video by another DAW and thats sucks a lot. Please is there a company who is able to create a RE with a video display ? - that would be a big BOOM for video designer and film artists in making cool trailers, short films, music videos or also big productions.

So come on - anybody must hear this suggestion - I am waiting for many years and reported that a lot, but I donĀ“t give up that it will become true SOON.

Really hope to see a new quicktime RE for video - BOOM!

Dayta 2013-07-03 09:25

im fighting with the same problem for the moment cubase seams to be able to work with vegas video, reason does not sync with vegas (mtc) on both vegas is somewhat the problem on that part because it dont likes to be the slave on midi time clock. sofar im connecting reason with rewire to cubase syncing cubase via mtc to vegas on another screen. for the moment the problem seams solved but i agree totaly it would be nice to have just a video channel. i dont think you have to create a video editor with fading 3d rendering effects or something or even the importing thing. just suporting one format only videos would be a great start (dont forget the sound output of the video sometimes there are noises in the movie the music has to work around :)


GeDaGraph 2013-07-03 11:20

I really only need a quicktime display for making a sync soundtrack of any video. There must be NO video editing tools or editing for noises/speech in the video, because these things are better done in the video editing software. Its only important be able to create a soundtrack that will be exported after mastering for import into the video editing software and added to the render ready video track.

So for many jobs of my workflow I will produce the video/trailer/animation first and then I render a quick little video preview that would be imported into the missing reason RE quicktime video display. Here I could create a soundtrack that matches perfect each frame of the video without editing anything of the video image or video sound channel itself.

So there would be not so much work to write the RE video App - it only must have the function to choose a video - display the video - and sync the video with reason - thats it.

I am sure, that many video editors needs this feature - so developers hurry up - we are waiting !

hakmul 2013-07-03 15:05

Would be great! This cannot be done with an RE, at least not with the current SDK. Anyway, wouldn't it be better with a floating window for this, in the same manner as the spectrum EQ of Reason 7.0?

bobbyfabs 2013-07-08 18:17

I would have thought we'd have this capability by now. I write music to picture quite often, and have to use protools to play the video. It's kind of ridiculous.

Djjimmyc 2013-07-09 14:04

Jagwah 2013-07-11 04:43


Originally Posted by GeDaGraph (Post 1350656)
There must be NO video editing tools...

I disagree, I have always wanted to be able to see Reason controlling or triggering frames or video effects via sequencer / CV / audio transients etc. A video could be sliced at its audio transients for instance.

I understand where you are coming from in you only want to make soundtracks to video but there is no need for the implementation of video support in Reason to be limited to only this.


Vegas has a great feature where you can drop the resolution of the 'preview' of what you are working on, then you can export at a higher resolution. Just thought I would mention it as people always bring up the need to limit this feature to only a few formats or limit it in different ways to avoid CPU overload, which is not necessary.

I'm hoping something might be possible with SDK 2.0 that will allow us to work directly with video in Reason. Third party developers could make video effect RE's or effect patches that plug into the video in a different way. I would love to see Props themselves implement a full blown video editing system in Reason but failing that maybe some third party developers could whip up some wizadry for us, provided SDK 2.0 is up to the task.

Nymphomation 2013-09-27 17:46

I own this and it's great, but it's not ideal. It's a bit fiddly/ time consuming to set up, and on Windows I can only use it in 32 bit mode, as my virtual MIDI programme (Midi OX) is 32 bit. I've tried to get other free virutal midi programmes running 64 bit but don;t play ball. I know it's possible, but as I said It's not ideal.

I write a fair bit of music for video, and this is a pain, not having dedicated video support. I gues the question is, how many Reason composers are composing for video and need it?

Anyone clever enough to work out how to make a Poll for this?!

therayman 2013-09-29 02:22

I write music to picture all the time but rewire into Digital Performer. That gives me full HD output and 5.1 which would also be another great asset. Anything above version 5 is very cluttered when rewireing and it would save me time to have even a small video window in Reason.

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