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c4djack 2013-07-02 12:27

Better file browser, especially for samples. Kind of Asset Management

like probably many of us, I have a large amount of samples. Some of them recorded myself, some of them purchased. All in all it's about 1500 files.

The problem is: While I do know that there are great samples among them, and in many cases probably exactly the sample I need, it's a great hassle to find it. The file browser should support me with managing and finding my samples (just like a professional graphics or animation software would offer me some kind of asset management).

Here are four ideas that the ingenious Propellerheads could think about:

1. Indexing & Filtering
Just like with Spotlight on the Mac, it would be nice if Reason could index my "asset folders" and provide a really fast filtering-style search function.

2. Tagging
I could tag my files from within the file browser, making it easy to filter them by tags (e.g. "Rock", "Uptempo", "glitchy" or whatever tag names I want to apply). Multiply tags could be applied to one file.
Together with "Indexing and Filtering" this would be my most wished-for feature. The next point would be nice to have, but the first two would dramatically improve the workflow.

3. Usage counting
If I could see how many times I have used a certain file, I could try and find a sample that I didn't use (often) yet, to give my song a more unique sound. People unconsciously tend to walk on beaten paths, and a usage counter for each file would certainly help to break that. Just like the counter e.g. in iTunes does (where I can easily find songs I didn't play (often) yet or didn't play since a long time).

4. Rating
It would be nice to be able to rate my samples. That way, I could find the ones I like easier, and also find out about samples that I really don't like, and maybe get rid of them.

Actually, I would even love to develop all this functionality as a plugin myself, but a Rack Extension would just not be the right place to do that.


devilfish 2013-07-02 13:30

drag & drop from the windows (or Mac) Explorer ;)

problem solved..

mrjassonturner 2013-07-02 15:42


Originally Posted by devilfish (Post 1349827)
drag & drop from the windows (or Mac) Explorer ;)

problem solved..

Yeah...what he said. Lol

devilfish 2013-07-02 15:58

with patches it works ..
unfortunately, not with wave-files into NNXT NN19 Redrum or kong

c4djack 2013-07-07 22:56

The Windows Explorer does not provide a reasonable filter function, plus the indexing in Windows is quite inefficient. D&D is a different way to load files, but it doesn't make anything better.

On OS X, it helps a little, but having the functionality inside Reason would feel so much more complete.

And yes, as devilfish sais, it only works with patches. It should work with all supported file types in all situations.

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