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LastAlternative 2013-07-03 07:24

Requests for R7.5
1) Mono button: I have the mono combinator patch which is nice and all but a simple button in the master section would be very nice. Of course one would switch to a single speaker after clicking the mono button for 'true mono' mixing.
2) Reference channel: It would be awesome to have a specific reference channel (just like parallel and group channel features in R7). Ideally, it would be bypassed from ALL fx, dynamics, routing, etc. so that whilst mixing, you can solo to reference songs for A/B comparison without worrying about turning off all the processing on your mix. I have never seen this request but had a genius moment in my mixing research today.
3) SSL master EQ: on the right side of the mixing window. Maybe even put it in that blank white spot above the SSL master compressor! Yeah, fill that in! As well as well as the option to select the order of signal flow in there. Such as EQ to compressor, or vice versa, just like underneath the gain knob at the top of the single channels.
4) SSL compressor EQ knobs: Something like the Softube FET has, it would be cool to have a knob to bypass the low end, which many people do but you have to add devices such as an EQ which just adds more processing.
5) More colors: I personally love how colorful you can make tracks as opposed to other lifeless DAWs but I do wish there were more colors... Been asking for that for a LONG time, as well as others.
6) Line 6 guitar/bass device update: God only knows why those things haven't been updated since the release of Record but more tones/amps/cabs would be awesome......... Please talk to Line 6 about this!
7) De-esser device: Again- I appreciate combinator patches and all but they lead to heavy CPU usage and a simple device from you guys would be much appreciated!

colcifer 2013-07-03 19:17

8) Poly Aftertouch: It's only been 35 years since people started using it.

9) Release Velocity: Admittedly a more obscure part of the MIDI protocol but not for lack of usefulness.

luczan 2013-07-05 04:07

11) ReXen (

12) Mulichannel/surround panner (culd be a RE)

13) A Binaural device (could be a RE too)

devilfish 2013-07-05 11:00

You all have forgotten something :D

cr68 2013-07-05 12:36

a faster file browser! ;-)

KarmaShaman 2013-07-05 15:17

Some new devices that aren't gimmicky toys.

ncookn 2013-07-05 15:25

14) new factory soundbank with all new sounds for every instrument. It's only been 12years.
15) new reverb effect device, please not another RE.
16) mclass effect devices updated and improved
17) add step sequencer to kong
18) better GUI for all devices
19) vst/au support
20) update all stock instruments with new features

calmbird 2013-07-05 15:29

21. New orchester soundbank. Harp and some other instruments sound terrible :P

LastAlternative 2013-07-05 22:36

I agree about the Orkester instruments. Some of the instruments have one or two harsh frequencies that are damn near impossible to cut out without ruining the sound of the instrument. I also agree about the soundbank. To my understanding R7's sound upgrades don't include more individual drum pieces, synths, basses, etc. Also...

22) SDK update: Every day I wonder why Propellerhead still hasn't done this so RE developers can make more advanced REs.
23) Mclass EQ: Please update this device for the high shelf to go up to 20kHz. For some reason it only goes to 12kHz which makes it impossible to do that very common professional slight rolloff on the high end, as well as impossible to do anything else about 12kHz on the high shelf.

Thank you guys for your input. Let's hope Propellerhead reads this stuff and gets our requests. Keepm' coming!

LastAlternative 2013-07-08 22:55

And for R8... or eventually but hopefully 8- Video capability! Not video editing, just the ability to play video/audio whilst composing film scores... that sort of thing. 'Twould SERIOUSLY make life a lot easier than timing scenes in Adobe Premier, writing music in Reason, exporting and closing Reason, importing into Premier, and repeating a million times!

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