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lilg 2013-07-03 17:31

Loop browser/Instrument browser
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It's probably on here somewhere already, but this is one of my pet hates with Reason.

Apple Garageband/Logic do this so much better. You can asily view collections (e.g. Jam packs), then view instruments, then click to instantly load.

Preview then drag and drop loops to the sequencer! Simple and would speed loops up.

There is no need to view the file extension of any intrument/patch- not very user friendly.

You could have a floating window similar to the Spectrum Analyser that is a browser for intruments/loops, you can preview in the window then drag/drop or click to add to track.

Just thinking out loud.

mrjassonturner 2013-07-03 19:25

Yes...this has definitely been a topic many times over. Beware. Some people will probably tar and feather you for your suggestion...for many will see this as a complaint. I am definitely a proponent of Propellerhead rethinking there browser and favorites section. I am of the mindset whether the browser is slow/fast.. whatever it is to certain individuals....I still say more than 1 or 2 options to importing patches and audio files cannot hurt. Especially when there have been so many complaints about the "browser" in general. Propellerhead Reason has definitely gotten better over the years. However, I still feel they are trailing behind in some of the most rudimentary aspects concerning overall features.

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