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zebulla 2013-07-07 09:18

More structured automation and sequencer
I really like all the improvements that reason is making - I would like to see a few changes to the sequencer that would give a cleaner and more structured work enviroment. I have a big problem when I have 20 different channels with automation on each, and many channels even have several different automation parameters; this creates a very messy and large sequencer page that can strench on for what seems like days.

In music creation a clean working enviroment is very important for the creative process, nothing is worse than having automation tracks all over the place. My suggestion is this; put all the automation tracks together with each song track - within the same song track such as logic does. This way when users are programming automation it doesn't create an extra sequencer track for each automation unit, keeping everything tidy and in order. The only thing that should be visible on the sequencer window is the actual tracks and nothing more. If needed the user can then click on the individual song tracks to bring forth the automation tracks.

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