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jobro 2013-07-10 01:55

Dr. OctoRex needs reGroove slider
You got global shuffle, which is fine. You can set grooves for it's track, which is also fine. But why haven't you made Dr OctoRex respond to these grooves. Oh I know one can convert the patterns to notes, but that nulls and voids the very purpose and existential essense of Dr OctoRex from the very start. Because if I want to use notes then I load the samples from the Rex files into NN 19 or Kong from the very get go. Omnisphere has GrooveLock. OctoRex needs that function too. A slider to slide the notes more or less to follow the reGroove I specified. Or at least add a reGroove menu in the sequencer. I know I shouldn't b**ch, but Reason needs this function very very badly.

kylelee 2013-07-10 02:28

regroove on droctorex, matrixes, thor step sequences, redrum sequences, (lfos maybe) would all be greatttt

orangefunk 2013-07-10 05:43

Was thinking the same tonight...

bornsticky 2013-07-10 07:44

excellent idea... this would really make a huge difference to regroove useability

orangefunk 2013-07-10 10:23

imagine if regroove was able to accept modulation parameters... you could modify grooves dynamically... would be seriously f%&ked up I guess... :D

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