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zeit23geist 2013-07-12 19:40

Dedicated octave assign control on tool window
Since I am getting into string arranging, I notice I need to change the octave of a bar of music so as to repeat a phrase or run within the range of say the double bass from violin.

It is a source of frustration to have to click the semitone amounts on the tool bar all the way from zero to -12 and all the way up to 12 again, when needed.

On Studio One, you can tell the DAW to change the notes in a bar to go up or down one, two or three octaves up or down, in one click.

I realise i could type in the amount of semitone change in the tool window display, but, again, this is time consuming. Changes in octave are usually done in haste!

It would be quite a simple implementation within the tool window.

ohmygoff 2013-07-13 00:38

+1 .........................

selig 2013-07-13 02:27

+1 here too -seems like I'm only transposing up or down one octave for the most part, and it's always set to -12 when I need +12 and vice versa. What you suggest would be useful 99% of the time for me!

Ditto for the sequence window transpose…

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