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BazKarim 2013-07-25 18:56

Sudden CPU usage problems. WTF.
Hey guys what up!?

hey guys! how you doing?! here's my problem:

A week ago, or so, my reason 6 started making trouble. It says my computer was too slow. Although I was working on and playing back the same songs, I did before (without any problems).

My system:

lenovo thinkpad e520

- Intel Core i5-2410M Prozessor (2,3 GHz, 3 MB L3-Cache)
- Original Windows 7 Home Premium 64
- Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64 German
- 15.6 W HD (1366x768) Anti-Glare, Midnight Black
- Intel HD Graphics 3000
- 6 GB PC3-10600 DDR3-SDRAM 1.333 MHz SODIMM-Speicher (2 DIMMs) -> NOW 8GB RAM
- 320 GB Hard Disk Drive, 7200rpm
- Multi Recorder Optical Drive (12.7mm)
- Lithium-Ionenakku mit 6 Zellen (2.2Ah)

and here is what I already did to solve the issue. I have already:

1. formated my laptop
2. reinstalled windows 7 and reason 7.0.1 ( I was using reason 6.5 when the problem suddenly occured)
3. bought another 4GB RAM DIMM (now I got 8 instead of 6)
4. set up everything to serve high performance (turned off anti-vir and graphical gimmicks like aero, etc)
5. optimized my songs (delete everything I didnt necessarily needed, minimized all racks, etc)

what I did not do yet is bouncing some of the tracks into audio files.

however, if i had to do so, I would rather consider a new computer than start working under those "circumstances".

Reason is still making trouble. And then again, I reboot my laptop and everything is ok. Then I quit the session, open it up; and here we go: 100% CPU usage. Impossible to play or listen to the song. Im going crazy, cause I cant figure what the f-ing problem is.

I wonder whether there is any other reason for that strange problem, than a processor which is too weak (suddenly!). Anybody outthere having similar problems and SOLVED it?!

I did not installed any suspicous programs or so before the problem occured and I would appreciate real advice, other than 'buy a mac' or so. ;)

Thanks a lot guys! peace

Babul 2013-07-25 19:22

Windows: can it be that your virtual memory is is active? if you got 8GB RAM already, its time to set the VirtualMemory to a low value - like 256MB only? or deactivate it compledetly, if possible.

consider lowering the scanrate of your mouse. i doubt that it needs a high precision scanrate, so 100-150 is enough. (i know, thats the last thing i would change aswell since it doesnt eat much cpu)

can you set the monitor refreshrate to 60 like instead of 72 Hz? it wont do magic, see it as same useless resort as the mousedriver tip ^^

Reason: raising up the sample buffer size in the preferences can give the CPU some more time for doing all rack devices' job - the latency raises aswell, but for being able to work on a project its a small sacrifice (for now).

hm.. there is a program called "Process Tamer" - its worth a look since it influences the (still annoying/inefficient) "multitasking" on windows - my tips if you try it, are:
-let it run in "high priority" mode (processtamer itself, checkbox)
-play with the "VPU Usage Measurement Smoothing" slider, i have it set to 20% left...
-in the "processes" tab, set Reasons' explicit rule to "force realtime" or "force high",
oops, i almost forgot the link:

Tobb 2013-07-26 13:05

Try this software , it´s good for checking latency and such.

BazKarim 2013-07-26 14:36

thx a lot guys!!!!!

Ima try what you've suggested and let you know what happened!!!!

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