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SethMcKenzie 2013-07-28 19:22

I just recently bought reason 7 and i want 2 know how to make your own drum beats and where do i ind the drums do i have to download racks for drums or what? i mean i paid alot for reason 7 and it hardly has any instruments on it!!!! or where do i find them all!!!!

electricfusion 2013-07-28 19:39

Hi Seth,
welcome to the forum.
You´ve several choices to make your own drums.
or any of the synthesizers
Make yourself familiar w/ all the devices,there are quite a few,so hardly is probably the wrong word.

Go to your rack,right click(anywhere),create Kong,on the top left side there´s the patch browser,
click on the Browse Patch button (middle),navigate to Kong Patches,load one,and now hammer away on
your keyboard (starting C1->).
If you want to create pattern based drums,do the same from above w/ ReDrum.

BTW...the manual is your friend.

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