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sinnerfire 2013-07-30 20:25

Edit Sample Button for Dr Octo Rex
I said it be for and now im saying it again.

We need a "Edit Sample Button" for Dr Octo Rex.

The Kong unit, NN-XT, NN-Nano and NN-19 all have the option of Editing there Samples.

I make a lot of Rex files and every time i want to edit a sample in them, i have to export the Rex file, create a NN-XT, import the rex file, spend 2 minutes getting the levels sorted because a rex file in a NN-XT sounds different to one that is in the Rex player.....remember what i was doing in the first place and then carry on were i left off.

Please Props, adding a "Edit Sample" button to the Rex player would save me so much time.

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