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Benedict 2013-08-03 05:46

Making Drums - 2-Part Tutorial
Hi All

I have completed the second half of my tutorial on making drums that work in a mix (and sound huge).

Part 1 - covers the basics of making drum sounds (focus on kicks) and the need to aim for punch over bass or even volume

Part 2 - is a flash intro to compression, limiting and EQ to turn your cute electro kit into a stormer

I hope it helps simplify this for people


Jagwah 2013-08-03 06:16

This is great dude thanks, your site is looking pretty slick!

Benedict 2013-08-03 08:15

Thank Jag


Benedict 2013-08-04 03:23

Bump - damn spam making it harder to see anything useful in here

Lunesis 2013-08-04 03:47

Thanks Ben, nice contribution.

MAL9000 2013-08-04 16:43


Originally Posted by Benedict (Post 1367309)
Bump - damn spam making it harder to see anything useful in here


Thanks very useful

Benedict 2013-08-05 11:18



selig 2013-08-05 20:05

Nice series Benedict, good info and I like your writing style! :-)

Benedict 2013-08-06 10:03

Thanks Selig

Flattered to hear that from you (my best birthday present yet)


dreimala 2013-08-06 11:28

Thats a rather useful lesson.
Entertainingly written, too.
Thanks, Benedict.

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