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devilfish 2013-09-10 14:15

Poly Combinator (maybe)
Maybe it is possible..

Can we have 4-8 CV NOTE INPUTS at the Combinator please ???

and the Combinator mixes the Notes to Chords ???

it can be possible.. beacause it is possible to connect a single synth inside the combi and also connect the combi itself with CV-Notes...
and we can have 2 Notes at the same time with both CV-Note Inputs at one Synth (2 times Poly)..

so what is if we have more CV-Inputs on the Combinator ??
the combinator send the CV-NOTE Signal without any visible (MIDI) cable to the Synths/devices, which are inside the Combinator..


is it possible ??

PS: sorry for my bad english...

EDIT: i try to explain it a second time..

1. create a combinator
2. create a subtractor inside the combinator (RESET the device! / or choose a piano/keys poly patch)
3. create a matrix inside the combinator (maybe Reason does automatic wiring NOTE and GATE CV to the subtractor, if not connect it!)
4. create a Matrix outside the combinator (maybe Reason does automatic wiring NOTE and GATE CV, to the combinator if not connect it!)

if you hit Play you can trigger the subtractor in a 2-times polyphony way with the two Matrix sequencers
***anyone from the forum showed me that trick 6-8 months ago.. thanks a lot, i use it all the time! ;)

1. Where and how the notes are mixed?
2. Why did the EMI (External Midi Instrument) not have 8 CV-Note Inputs?
3. Why did the Combinator not have 8 CV-Note Inputs?

some Rack Extensions can produce poly/chord notes to CV-Note.. with a Little trick. the devices shift back the same/equal notes a very little bit (inaudible)

btw: here is my idear for a new Rack Extension:

CV-Note Mixer:

16x Gate in
1x Gate out

what it should do:
shift every cv-note input a little bit backwards (fixed values)

Price: FREE ( for me :D )

JiggeryPokery 2013-09-10 15:19


Originally Posted by devilfish (Post 1387732)

some Rack Extensions can produce poly/chord notes to CV-Note.. with a Little trick. the devices shift back the same/equal notes a very little bit (inaudible)

This is becoming a bit of a Reason urban myth. Reason doesn't typically require shifted notes, even tiny, inaudible ones, to generate polyphonic note value CV.

RPG-8, AutoArp, AutoTheory, Charlotte and others all happily forward polyphonic note CV they receive, and Reason instruments happily play them with input to the Sequencer CV In. For that scenario AFAIK there are no "special tricks" required, despite whatever claims you might read in marketing!

It might be different in scenarios where a device receives one note and it then generates a chord from it, like AutoArp and AutoTheory, so David and Brian would know more on this than I, but even then I can't see why it would need to "stagger" the output. Either way, even if my assumption there is incorrect, it doesn't really matter if the device transmits all notes on at the same time or has to stagger them over several batches.

The problem is still that Reason CV doesn't support polyphonic note off. So you still can't hold a chord and release just one note: the entire chord will be held until all notes are off. It's partly why global (mono) envelopes in Reason are very flakey - the merest hint of legato and the envelope won't retrigger. This is why POLYPHONIC NOTE OFF via device-to-device rack patching is what Reason desperately needs.

In other words having 4-8 note in CV's in a Combinator is no help at all in the scenario I think you are trying to describe. There is another scenario where you have multiple CV note ins and can use the programmer to route them to specific devices within it - that might have some use.

devilfish 2013-09-10 16:39

i agree,.. it is not possible to stop a single note from the (cv) chord..

but: if i use a modular System (A-Series) i can stop the individual (ADSR) envelope from the relevant note/voice ;)
sure, it is not possible with the subtractor or thor or an other synth..

ftw: we need a virtual midi cable to have a real Studio! :D

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