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Benedict 2013-09-15 11:14

Hi All

I have a new album just out in "Measured Spaces" but I couldn't help myself from trying something new.

This is called "Star-Stepper" and tries to merge my analogy Space Music and the cut-uppy Dubstep.


Bass Station II handles the trumpet lead but the rest is all Reason.

Tell me what you think, should I explore this further (or never do this again)?


scoobyman 2013-09-15 15:34

I wish I just listened to it without your notes. The first horn like synth put me into a Jean-Michel Jarre state of mind. After that I felt like somebody was speeding up and slowing down the record. The sounds on their own are very cool. Maybe this is good for your creativity to try something new.

Benedict 2013-09-16 12:31


"I felt like somebody was speeding up and slowing down the record" Isn't that how you make Dubstep LOL

I think I'm with you, the sounds are nice but as a piece of music it is a polished turd. But from these things I learn stuff.


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