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ionly 2013-09-27 15:55

Converting 32 bit tracks for Reason
Hi all,
I want to import some old songs that were created on a friend's Cubase some years ago into Reason. Problem is they were exported as 32 bit/48khz (which Reason doesn't recognise). I installed a copy of Cubase LE4 this morning - supplied with an M-Audio keyboard - and was wondering whether to convert the songs at the Cubase import stage to 24 bit/44.1khz and export the same for Reason. I'm really trying to avoid any dithering taking place and if I imported them into Cubase as original 32 bit and exported them as 24 bit I would have to do that. What happens if I convert at the import stage as opposed to the export stage(?) I want to rework them in Reason and was curious what happens at the importing/conversion stage in Cubase (does automatic dithering take place?). Hope that makes sense!

mcatalao 2013-09-27 16:17

For what i know, Cubase does not create REAL 32 bit files unless there where any process. By process, i mean a simple fader change in the mix, a pan, or a virtual instrument or eq. So you should export all files with everything bypassed. Preferable you should use an external audio editing software since i don't know if you have that kind of control with Cubase.

As far as i know, if manage to do so, cubase will only truncate and even if you don't dither (you should always dither when you truncate digital files with content - i.e. 24 to 16 bit) you will not truncate significant information. In this situation i wouldn't use dither.

LABONERECORDINGS 2013-09-27 16:25

if you're on PC go here for a quick easy 32 to 24 bit convert

gwynebiau 2013-09-27 18:29

When I've had to do this I've used a free program called Audacity to convert them. I don't believe it automatically dithered them, but I wouldn't think that Cubase would do it without telling you either...

ionly 2013-09-28 00:08

Looking at the wavs from Cubase LE4 it tells me they're 32 bit/48khz and gives me the option of importing/exporting at lower rates. There is no dithering option visible either. Will truncating them from 32 to 24 without dithering introduce any noticeable artifacts? I want to add some effects and master them in Reason - dithering to be handled only once with the Ozone RE. Just a bit of a head scratcher regards the best way to proceed - I'll try the different options and report back
Thanks for your replies

ionly 2013-09-28 00:10


Originally Posted by LABONERECORDINGS (Post 1395376)
if you're on PC go here for a quick easy 32 to 24 bit convert

Thanks for that also

ETalk 2013-09-29 09:22


As far as I know dithering is only ever used for converting down to 16 bit or, to lower a bit depth.
When using higher bit depths dithering is no longer necessary as the resolution counters the need for dithering.

Therefore you can save your files into 24 bit with confidence,

I and many others do :)

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